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Business Access Solutions (BAS) is a full-service consulting firm specializing in the areas of disability, accessibility, and inclusion.

We offer a myriad of services to assist all organizations and associations in understanding, assessing and correcting any issues related to accessibility, disability, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and other relevant legislation. Furthermore, our services go beyond basic compliance to ensure that customers, clients, and employees are all treated with the respect and courtesy they deserve, and that each experience fosters a lasting relationship.

Additionally, organizations utilizing our services are marketed using our proprietary online tools and these successes will be trumpeted to prospective clients, employees, and customers.

At BAS we endeavor to stay ahead of the pack, thus ensuring that our customers are provided with the most current resources and opportunities to maintain their place as leaders in their industries.

Our services include the following:

� Physical, Environmental, and Cultural Assessments
� Training and Development
� Accessibility Policy and Statement Creation
� Employment Support Services (incl. Risk Assessment, Rehabilitation Management, and Accommodations)
� Compliance Support Services (incl. a 24/7 Access Support Hotline)
� Market Research (incl. Disabled Secret Shoppers, Surveys, and Interviews)
� Targeted Marketing and Compliance Promotion
� Design

We recommend that our work together should begin with an Initial Assessment. This assessment provides you with a clear outline of the areas we have agreed to assess, along with explanations regarding whether an item is a legal requirement or simply a recommendation. This assessment is then used as the basis to provide you with a complete inclusion/accessibility plan.

The initial assessment will always include a physical review of a facility, and may also include confidential employee or customer interviews. This will provide us with further first-hand knowledge and can bring to the fore specific concerns we are then able to address.

All services are available individually or as part of either a preset or custom-designed package. This ensures that our clients are covering all areas which need to be addressed, and to decide what level of commitment they are prepared to make.

Some services (i.e. Employment Support, Compliance Support, Market Research, and Marketing) are available as ongoing contracts to ensure continued compliance and maintenance of standards.
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